Gut Instinct

Always follow your gut instinct, especially in relation to your health. If it is telling you to go to the E.D. (Or E.R. in America), then go. Don’t ignore it. I foolishly ignored it the first time my instincts were screaming at me, and I now regret the risks I took. Don’t follow my mistake.Continue reading “Gut Instinct”


Talking is essential for a healthy mind and body. I recommend that you speak to family, friends or counsellors when feeling overwhelmed, dejected, alone, isolated or frustrated. These external sources can offer you a more rational way of thinking and supply you with new ideas and advice in dealing with your quandaries. We all haveContinue reading “Talk”


Positivity is key for everyday life. It maintains optimism, reduces stress levels and is beneficial for your health. If you are having a bleak day, sit down and list three positive things in your life. You will be amazed at how quickly your outlook will change. You might find some days that it is difficultContinue reading “Positivity”

The Beginning

As many of you know, I suddenly became critically ill in 2015. I was diagnosed with a rare, congenital and benign brain tumour. What followed was an horrific, harsh period of surgeries, radiotherapy, physiotherapy and hospital stays. The entire experience was terrifying and disconcerting. I wrote this memoir to help myself and others with similarContinue reading “The Beginning”

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