Positivity is key for everyday life. It maintains optimism, reduces stress levels and is beneficial for your health. If you are having a bleak day, sit down and list three positive things in your life. You will be amazed at how quickly your outlook will change. You might find some days that it is difficult to pinpoint 3 positives but if you reach a bit further, you will find them. You can even make the points comedic which will boost your mood too. For instance, you can be thankful for a new outfit you purchased, a meal you recently enjoyed or the entertaining magazine you just read.

Contacting friends is also beneficial as you can vent your frustrations and gain feedback from others on how to handle a stressful situation or your dejected mood. Positivity can assist you in dealing with unexpected situations. In the past you may have reacted but instead you should respond. I was given this piece of Gold by my advisor in N.C.B.I.

Exercise can help your mood too. Even a slow walk can boost your mood and take you away from a negative situation.Staying positive is staying healthy. It can turn your frown upside down and transform a negative situation swiftly into a positive and bearable situation. Listen to the words of philosopher Confucius who said: “If you are positive, you will see opportunities instead of obstacles.”

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