Talking is essential for a healthy mind and body. I recommend that you speak to family, friends or counsellors when feeling overwhelmed, dejected, alone, isolated or frustrated. These external sources can offer you a more rational way of thinking and supply you with new ideas and advice in dealing with your quandaries. We all have people in our lives that can help with specific issues. I urge you to contact these people as soon as you become perturbed.

Mind your mind and mind your friends and family at the same time. If you notice or sense that one of the most important people in your life is feeling depressed or anxious, ask them if they would like to talk it out. I guarantee that they will appreciate you and the time you have given them. They will then in turn be present for you in your moments of distress.

Another form of talking is journaling or self talking as I like to call it. I suggest you write down as opposed to typing without hesitation all of your feelings. You will actually feel a physical release through writing as it connects you more to your words. You can learn and understand more. It’s a traditional yet efficient way. I always write important notes on paper which dates back to my days of studying for school and college exams. It has always helped me remember and process things more efficiently.

Talking is therapy. It dispels negativity, doubt, fear, misunderstandings etc. It breaks down barriers and is liberating.

I now invite you to listen to the lyrics of the song Talk from the “rockin” band Coldplay. It speaks (or sings!) volumes and correlates perfectly with my words of wisdom.

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