Gut Instinct

Always follow your gut instinct, especially in relation to your health. If it is telling you to go to the E.D. (Or E.R. in America), then go. Don’t ignore it. I foolishly ignored it the first time my instincts were screaming at me, and I now regret the risks I took. Don’t follow my mistake. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. Don’t think you’re being over dramatic. You’re being intuitive. Sometimes you will hear a voice literally shouting at you to go the doctor or E.D. It will be repetitive and clear. Do not ignore the voice. It is the voice of reason and truth.

I would suggest you don’t over think the situation, or you might feel deterred by the waiting times and queues in E.D. It is not worth taking this chance. Be brave and put your health before your discomfort with waiting.

I know sometimes our thoughts dominate all other feelings and what we think is our gut instinct could just be a fear or anxiety. I still advise you to follow your feelings and if you are examined or scanned and all is well, then you will gain peace of mind.

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